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John Christopher Frame grew up in the USA, has lived on 3 continents, and has traveled to over 30 countries.

John’s passion is combining his interests in theology and social concerns to help Christians become more aware of global issues so they can better live out their faith.

John has gone to all 16 biblical towns in the country of Turkey that St. Paul visited that are mentioned in the Book of Acts. (Fun fact: some of them look like ancient cities you can still walk through; others are gone, buried underground.)


He loves traveling on the cheap, visiting outdoor markets, balcony gardening, and working in quirky cafés in his neighborhood. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, whom he met while buying a carpet at a souvenir shop in Istanbul, Turkey.

He has a PhD from the University of Oxford and is also a graduate of Harvard University.

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Books by John

7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart

Feel like you should do more for the poor but aren’t sure where to start? Want to feel closer to God by helping those in need?

Increase Your Leadership Impact cover

Increase Your Leadership Impact

A short, easy-to-read book that walks you through simple tips to help you feel closer to God and grow in your ability to lead those around you.

Homeless at Harvard cover

Homeless at Harvard

While finishing up his degree at Harvard Divinity School, John spends a summer with the homeless community around Harvard University.

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