Homeless at Harvard cover


Homeless At Harvard: Finding Faith and Friendship on the Streets of Harvard Square


“The book is touching, and well worth the read…”

– Publishers Weekly


“Eye opening and poignant.”

– Amazon Review


“…a great read…hard to put down.”

– Dr. John Aukerman

About this book

While finishing up his degree at Harvard Divinity School, John Christopher Frame stepped outside the walls of academia and onto the streets, spending a summer with the homeless community around Harvard University.

During those ten weeks, John better understood a world he’d known only from the outside. His street companions included Chubby John, who offered John a tent at his camp before the summer even began; George, who was the first homeless person John met after moving to the area the year before; and Dane, a former cocaine addict who spoke with a professor’s vocabulary. John became especially close with Neal, a deeply spiritual man who battled the bottle, along with concerns that, because of his health, he may have been living his last days.

In this unique book, the author’s narrative is blended with the words of these four men, who share their own stories, offering first-person-insider perspectives of life as they see it. The book shows how John learned with, from, and about his homeless friends, sharing an unforgettable story – told together – of life on the streets.

Published by Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins.

Homeless at Harvard cover

“For those, like me, who try not to make eye contact with the homeless, John challenges us to change and see their humanity…with his help, we learn something of the compassion Jesus asked of us…”

Tony Campolo, PhD, Eastern University


“…filled with nuggets of poignant wisdom gleaned from the lives and observations of the homeless…”

Lindsay Williams, Crosswalk.com


“Frame’s account is unvarnished and authentic. For anyone who seeks the common face of humanity in the world, this is an important book. For those who seek to serve this population, it is indispensable.”

W. Hicks, Amazon review

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