This morning, I’ve thought: If I were to have a Life Make-over, what would it be like?

To get from Here to There, what would it require?

First, it would mean identifying what I don’t want in my life and then planning–and committing–to changing so that I can do what I want to do.

Doing what I want to do (do I even know what I want to do?) requires first being who I want to be.

A Life Make-over for many of us, I’d imagine, requires a lot of changes.

Sometimes I think about my past–in good and less-good ways.

I think about who I was in order to think about who I want to be.

Looking at my Past Self helps me see a possible Future Self.

When looking at our Past Selves, it is important to focus only on good characteristics and memories–those that bring positive motivation to help us see a positive Future Self.

Part of this process requires what I call re-calibration.

I typically think of calibration in a specific spiritual way–like a spiritual tune-up.

But calibration, in a broader sense, can be the process of ensuring that who you are is who you want to be (and, for those who are people of faith, who God wants you to be).

Calibration helps us answer the question if what we are wanting in life (spiritually, emotionally, mentally) is what we are actually getting.

Think about calibration like this:

You have a faucet in your kitchen that just isn’t letting enough water flow into the sink.

To fix it, you (or a plumber) adjust the water flow. You scrape away lime deposits that may be getting in the way of the water.

You do what you need to do to make it work properly again.

You re-calibrate the faucet so that the right amount of water flows out–not too much, not too little.

A Life Make-over requires serious re-calibration.

Am I calibrated spiritually?

Is my productivity calibrated to where I think it should be?

Are my hopes for the future calibrated with the hopes for the future that I once had? Am I working toward those goals?

These are just a few questions I need to contemplate if I am to pursue a Life Make-over.

Primarily, it seems it goes back to being who we want and need to be.